Friday, August 5, 2016

Whewww, it has been a long, long while since I posted my last blog.  This past time of putting what's in our mind into words is slowly dying inside me,  but seeing my previous posts kind of woke me up to start writing again.  I cannot let that happen just yet.  But where should I start?  

Glad that when I clicked "create new" posts, I can see from the right hand part of the screen the word "Labels", and from there I remember that topics I once indicated.  This just narrows down my choices on what should I write for "da return of the cambak"- as the famous visayan slang phrase goes.

So, I choose "Picachu".  Ops, not that one.  Just carried away of the new hit app now Pokemon Go which most of my friends are into.  I like to start with "Gadgets and other stuffs" as I have bought a few items already for my outdoor adventures.  But I will make this promise of writing one blog per item so I can yet again practice speaking out my mind even though nobody's watching.  I shall make this official that from now on, i will never edit my blog once I post it.  That is to keep it as honest as to how my heart and mind feels it to be the moment I'm writing it.

I got a new Suunto Core - All black watch that will keep me in check with the terrain's elevation (the only feature that I was very keen of) during one of my hiking and climbing activities.  In consolation to that feature, it also keep me in check with the present temperature and barometric pressure.  It will also keep me in check with my current position (of course with a map) as it has a built in and working compass.  I need to practice using these features though in the future.  It has a very sleek and sophisticated design that can adjust to every situation.  It best even for everyday use.  My wife always nag if I buy new things which she thought is not practical but this time it was short lived as she was happy to have my old watch for herself. :-)  Until my next post.


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