Sunday, January 19, 2014

Hair, There and Everywhere

What's NEXT???

1.  The one that started it all... My 1st Ultra Marathon. ( 1st Cebu Ultramarathon, 11/2010)

2.  The "Legend of Aang" inspired cut ... Courtesy of my ever supporting cool wife (including #'s 3 & 4) (Kawasan Falls Marathon, 7/2011)

3.  Though arrows are pointed, this style is pointless... (Aboitiz Run to Reduce, 8/2011)

4.  Running the highway up North?  Might as well created a new road from my chin up to the back of my head. (not A Kindergarten Ultramarathon, 8/2011)

5.  Plain undercut under my first ever long hair. ( CUC 100K 2nd Leg, 11/2012)

6.  Just interested on why I haven't seen this haircut before.  Now I know. ( Cebu Marathon 2013, 1/2013)

7.  Epic crash of what I thought at first was a "peace sign", but nice to look @ though ... or so I thought. (CUC 100K Leg 3, 7, 2013)

8.  Paid 300 php on this one but spoiled by the never-ending downpour.  (Cebu Marathon 2014, 1/2014)