Thursday, April 3, 2014

Camelbak Ultra LR

1st time to own one that is specifically for running.  Got this on March 3 bought by my brother from ROX Port Bonifacio.  I think we'll have long running years with this durable vest.

1st time I used it wasn't on a practice run but on an actual marathon.  I had to retighten the strap frequently which made me felt betrayed by the hype of it from other reviews but noticed later that the strap were not evenly balanced.  What I like about the vest so far is you won't feel that you're acually carrying a heavy load (2 -L max).  I still need to familiarize this one though especially on a trail course since the climbing and rolling terrain will affect the performance of this vest I guess.  I will continue adding more & more reviews of this hydration pack with dates and new experiences soon and with pictures too. (4/03/2014)

Runilla EcoChallenge

I felt much better better this time, no more frequent adjusting except at the 1st KM where I decided to adjuct the velcro strap to the smallest line.  I guess this was designed for the bigger frames runners.  Still felt sore around my back after Runilla Eco Trail run.  Guess I need more core training before the big.  I will have more training sessions this week in MOalboal.  Hope someone would be interested also go with me.  (4/13/2014)